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Mr. Richard Penn reports


Black Tusk Resources Inc. has appointed John Cooper to its advisory board.

"Resource mining is on the brink of a digital transformation and the opportunity to innovate on traditional mining with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology is immense. The adoption of new technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain, will produce supply chain efficiencies that will add $400-billion to the global mining industry over the next decade. I am extremely excited to work with Black Tusk Resources on these cutting-edge mining initiatives," stated Mr. Cooper.

Mr. Cooper brings a wide range of leadership and business development experience. Mr. Cooper holds a master of science degree from the University of Guelph, as well as a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Victoria.

Mr. Cooper has been researching and studying monetary economics, alternative currencies and blockchain technology since 2010. During his master's thesis, Mr. Cooper explored the strategic advantages of traceability technology, which currently has significant implications for the application of blockchain in production and supply chain management.

In his previous role, Mr. Cooper helped a tech start-up grow from a team of four people with annual revenue of $200,000 to a team of 20-plus people and an estimated revenue of $3-million in under two years. Mr. Cooper built his first bitcoin mining rig in 2011, and has continued to research and following the cryptocurrency space ever since. Mr. Cooper is currently building a blockchain software development company and is excited about the potential to make the world better through technology and innovation.

"Black Tusk Resources is currently exploring innovative new technologies that apply to the modern mining world. Mr. Cooper is an extremely talented leader and forward thinker, and is a perfect fit for Black Tusk," stated Richard Penn, chief executive officer.

About Black Tusk Resources Inc.

Black Tusk is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of its mineral property located in British Columbia, Canada. Pursuant to the Goldsmith option agreement, the company currently has an option to acquire a 100-per-cent undivided interest in the Goldsmith property in the Kootenays, situated approximately 65 kilometres north of the city of Kaslo, B.C.

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