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Black Tusk Resources Inc. has released the results from diamond drilling on its Lorrain property located near Lorrainville in western Quebec. The company completed a total of 323.3 metres of diamond drilling over three holes on the property.

The Black Tusk geologic team logged the drill core and sent 21 core samples to the ALS laboratory located in Val d'Or for analysis. At the laboratory, the samples were processed by ALS's ME-ICP41 multielement package that includes platinum and palladium. No highly elevated results for Pt or Pd were reported from the drilling, but a section from hole LO-21-01 returned somewhat elevated values with the highest Pt assay of 0.0167 part per million returned from a one-metre interval (59 to 60 m). Drill holes LO-21-02 and 03 returned Pt and Pd results marginally above the lower detection limits for analysis (Pt 0.0005 ppm, Pd 0.001 ppm). The Pt and Pd results are tabulated in the relevant table. Results are in ppm.

As well, elevated values of cadmium, cobalt, copper, nickel, lead and zinc were noted within the sample results. These are detailed on the relevant table. This includes a single 1.9-metre sample taken from hole LO-21-03 that returned an elevated gold value of 0.123 ppm (82.2 to 84.1 m). True width of intercept for all sampling is yet unknown due to the limited knowledge of the geologic orientations. All results are in ppm.

The intent of this round of drilling was to verify results from a 2001 drill hole completed by Exploration Tom Inc. (LA-01-06). The drill log for this historic hole recorded assay results for Cu, Ni, Pt and Pd that are considered significant by the Black Tusk geologic crew (see Black Tusk news release dated March 8, 2021). Hole LO21-01 was collared upon the co-ordinates provided on the historic drill log. The field geologist noted that the depth of overburden did not match with that shown on the historic log, and the hole was abandoned after coring eight metres into bedrock. Holes LO21-02 and LO-21-03 were then stepped to the north in search of other possible locations to verify hole LA-01-06.

Hole LO-21-01 intersected fine-grained andesitic bedrock with minor veining and pyrite. Hole LO-21-02 intersected serpentinized ultramafic rock with magnetite. Hole LO-21-03 intersected fine grained andesite with lamprophyre dikes and traces of sphalerite. Sample results from hole LO-21-03 returned up to 8,200 ppm zinc.

The magnetic high feature targeted in the 2021 drilling outlines the magnetized ultramafic rocks that are the potential source of PGE mineralization. The highest Pt and Pd results were from hole LO-21-01 which was set on the co-ordinates provided on the historic drill log. The Black Tusk geologic team are currently assessing the 2021 drill results, with potential for continuing hole LO-21-01 to the targeted depth of 200 metres in order to fully test the mineralization potential.

The Black Tusk diamond drilling program was supervised by VD Geo Service based in Val d'Or, including Black Tusk company director Dr. Mathieu Piche, OGQ. The geological crew report that the targeted ultramafic rocks were intersected in drilling in at least one of the drill holes.

Drill core from the Lorrain property was logged and sampled at the Black Tusk secure facility located near Val d'Or. Samples were taken directly to the ALS lab in Val d'Or by the Black Tusk crew. Drill core and associated samples are continuously under custody of the Black Tusk team members until delivered to the lab. Black Tusk undertakes quality assurance/quality control procedures including insertion of blanks and standards at regular intervals into the sample stream.

In addition to the Lorrain drill program update, the company announces the resignation of director Perry Grunenberg. Mr. Grunenberg will remain with Black Tusk in a exploration geologist consultant capacity.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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