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Project Planning - McKenzie East 

Q Precious & Battery Metals plans to continue expanding from the positive results obtained from their previous exploration. A permitted drilling program was designed to continue to test and expand upon results obtained from the Phase 1 drilling of 2021 that included 1.185 grams per tonne gold (gpt Au) over 1 metre from hole MKE-21-01 as well as intercepts of > 0.5 gpt from holes MKE-21-03, MKE-21-06 and MKE-21-08. Hole MKE-21-03 showed the most promise during the drilling campaign, where geologic observations indicated a section of core that contained a visible gold grain of approximate 1mm by 2mm size, as well as veining, alterations and associated sulphide minerals over a wide interval (see Q Battery News Release dated July 13, 2021).

Q Metals is also planning to expand exploration into the southern claim block in order to test for gold-silver quartz veins similar to those exposed within adjoining claims at the Maruska Showing. At the Maruska, in 2023 Q Precious & Battery Metals obtained a rock sample that included chips from a number of the exposed quartz-pyrite veins. The sample was analyzed for gold by fire assay and ICP-AES, with a further 48 elements (including silver) by ME-MS61L (4-acid digestion). The sample returned 3.41 grams per tonne gold and 2.58 grams per tonne silver, confirming the presence of precious metals in the Maruska vein system (see Q Precious & Battery Metalss News Release dated November 28, 2023). Q Metals is very interested in this documented gold showing due to its location very near to the south block of the company's McKenzie East claims. However, the reader is warned that results obtained from adjoining properties are not direct indications for potential on the Q Precious & Battery Metals claims. A follow-up phase 2 exploration program is currently being planned and scheduled for Spring 2024 on the McKenzie East Gold Project.

Project Planning - La Corne South

The geologic team recently undertook an extensive property wide tour of the La Corne South Property lithium target area as part of the reconnaissance. The property is well crossed by good condition resource roads. The property has a significant cover of sand, silt and gravel deposited during the last period of glaciation. The company is planning to extend ground geophysical surveys in order to identify potential pegmatite beneath the sediment cover.

Q Precious & Battery Metals has contacted TMC Geophysics to complete 24 kilometres of Induced Polarization (IP) survey over a large part of the La Corne South property. The survey is designed to reveal resistive targets that can be tested for pegmatite, and conductive bodies that can be tested for potential massive sulphide deposition. Both target types are evident from previous work completed on the property (see historic news releases).

The ground surveys scheduled for Winter 2024 (IP chargeability and resistivity) will add to the geophysical data obtained from the previously completed drone-supported magnetics and ground TDEM surveys to provide more defined targets for eventual diamond drilling.


Project Planning - Pontax

In order to define targets for ground prospecting, the company is planning to utilize remote sensing spectral analysis and elevation surveying from satellite-sourced data. Q Precious & Battery Metals is in discussion with PhotoSat of Vancouver, BC, to undertake analysis of archived satellite data and provide multispectral analysis along with one metre surface elevation mapping for the property. The company intends to complete an initial prospecting program targeting potential pegmatite bodies once ground conditions allow access. Exploration is scheduled for Summer 2024.

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