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Q Battery Metals will be concentrating exploration on their 2 Flagship Lithium projects located north of Val d’Or, and north of Gatineau, Quebec. The exploration work will involve a combination of prospecting, mapping and rock sampling, combined with soil sampling and geophysical surveying. Exploration is slated to begin in April or May, 2023.



  • Prospecting, mapping, rock sampling

  • Geophysical ground surveys (resistivity)

  • Soil sampling over target features

  • Diamond drilling best targets

The La Corne South lithium project will concentrate on the Mogold claims that were staked over the La Corne Batholith and contacting volcanic rocks. The Mogold claims cover 10 kilometers of the La Corne Batholith contact. The Sigeom database indicates nine lithium projects associated with the margins of the batholith within 20 kilometres of the Mogold claims. The batholith margin will be a prospective zone for lithium exploration in 2023. The reader is cautioned that potential lithium resources that exist on properties outside of the Q Battery Metals claims are not direct indicators of lithium mineralization on the claims.

Data review of historic work on the claims indicates the presence of pegmatitic rocks; with elevated lithium from rock sampling and drill testing in the target area. Initial exploration will concentrate on the Boily-Berubé mineral showing where elevated lithium (468 ppm Li) was returned from 2021 rock sampling undertaken by Q Battery Metals. One kilometer north of the Boily-Berubé showing, in 2004, Noranda Inc. completed diamond drill hole FIE 15-04-01 where core sampling returned up to 333 ppm lithium (186.1-187.6 metres depth. Lithium was not the targeted element during these previous exploration programs.

The initial phase of 2023 exploration on the La Corne South will be to prospect, map, and sample the area of 2021 rock sampling that returned elevated lithium and the contact to the La Corne Batholith. The Boily-Berubé showing has been prospected primarily for molybdenum (GM16255) with discovery of elevated molybdenum and bismuth in quartz-feldspar “veins”. In 1989, trenching and prospecting (GM49151) uncovered vein material at five locations in proximity to the Boily-Berubé showing. The veins were tested for molybdenum and copper.

Q Battery is currently contacting geophysical consulting companies to undertake a resistivity survey over the target area on the La Corne South project. It has been advised that resistivity surveying will be capable of mapping pegmatite within the host volcanic rocks. Prior surveying undertaken by Q Battery Metals included magnetics and conductivity surveys. The results of these surveys have been reviewed for features that might indicate pegmatite bodies. Follow-up to the geophysical surveying could entail rock sampling of any available outcrops, and soil sampling in areas of cover.

Q Battery Metals is prepared to drill test the best targets that are derived from the exploration work. Drilling could be undertaken in late summer early fall.



  • Prospecting and sampling of the numerous mineral showings

  • Detailed mapping and follow-up sampling over pegmatitic outcrops

  • Mineralogical work to Identify lithium host minerals (lepidolite versus spodumene or petalite)

  • Diamond drilling of best target areas

The Pegalith claims were staked to cover part of an extensive belt of granitic and gneissic rocks that host pegmatitic mineralogy. The claims cover or are in close proximity to 12 historic showings where small- scale mining was undertaken extracting coarse-grained feldspar, quartz and mica as industrial minerals. The geologic summary for these historic mines indicate that the main lithology is pegmatite within varied intrusive rocks. A first phase of exploration on the Pegalith will include locating and sampling the historic mines to test for lithium content.

The Pegalith claims are spread over 20 kilometres of complex geology. In particular, sections of the claims cover intrusive rocks that have pegmatite segments (as shown on Sigeom regional mapping). These are prospective target areas for lithium mineralization.

Q Battery Metals will initiate the first phase of exploration on the Pegalith claims in late April or early May 2023. The company is prepared to drill test the best targets that are derived from the exploration work. Drilling could be undertaken in late summer early fall.

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