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Q Battery Metals Corp. is a diversified Canadian mineral exploration company with operations primarily based in the world-class Abitibi greenstone belt region of Val d'Or, Quebec. Q Battery Metals Corp. currently holds 100% ownership in 6 separate Critical Elements projects in Canada. 



The Government of Canada recognizes 31 elements as being critical to new technologies of energy production and transmission. Six elements are listed as currently prioritized in importance including lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, graphite, and rare earth elements. Q Metals has acquired properties in Quebec that are currently being explored for potential to host lithium, copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc, molybdenum, and PGE - all listed as critical minerals.




The Pontax claims cover 5,376 hectares in 101 contiguous claims located within the “Lithium Triangle”. The property is surrounded by other significant lithium plays including: Patriot Battery Metals Pontaxproject, Brunswick Exploration, Stria Lithium properties, and the Li-FT Power Ltd. large land package including the Moyenne Project. The newly acquired Q Battery Metals property is strategically positioned in an exceptionally active and promising area for lithium exploration. The reader is cautioned that potential lithium resources that exist on properties outside of the Pontax Lithium Project claims are not direct indicators of lithium mineralization on the Pontax Lithium Project.

The Q Battery Metals Pontax property is an exploration stage project that has potential for hosting LCT pegmatites and associatedlithium mineralization. The property’s vicinity to fertile peraluminous granite bodies, as well as being close to other known lithium deposits in the region provides strong incentive for lithium exploration. The granitic bodies and host lithologies are underexplored and need to be prospected for pegmatite bodies.

Q Battery Metals geologic team is in the process of compiling all available data for the Pontax River project in preparation for a Phase I exploration program. An initial geologic mapping and prospecting site reconnaissance is scheduled to be completed this summer.


LA CORNE LITHIUM PROJECT  -Lithium, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Molybdenum 

The La Corne Lithium claims were staked by Q Metals to cover the Boily-Bérubé mineral showing. This showing is documented as a vein system hosting pyrite, chalcopyrite, and molybdenite. The copper and molybdenum potential of this showing was of interest to Q Metals for further work. As well, the potential for VMS deposition similar to that found on the PG Highway claims, adjacent to the Mogold, provides interest for exploring for that deposit type.

Q Met has completed airborne magnetic survey and ground-based deep penetrating electromagnetic survey, as well as bedrock sampling, on the Mogold claims. Several target areas have been identified by these surveys. A permit to drill on the Mogold was obtained in 2022 with drilling proposed for 2023.

It has come to the attention of Q Met that the Mogold claims cover part of a regional geologic feature that has been shown to host lithium. The Quebec database indicates 14 lithium projects associated with the margins of the La Corne Batholith. Sections of the batholith are pegmatitic which host the lithium. One of the most prominent lithium deposits in this group is located 10 kilometres northwest of the Mogold claims. The North American Lithium project is a historic lithium mine that now lists proven and probable mineral reserves estimated at 29.2 million tonnes (Mt), grading 0.96% Li2O, with contained Li2O of 280,300t. The norther part of the Mogold claims cover the margin of the La Corne Batholith which is the zone of interest for lithium.




PG HIGHWAY PROJECT – VMS (copper, zinc, lead, + gold and silver)

The PG Highway claims were staked by Q Met to cover an area considered prospective for hosting massive sulphide mineralization. Several outcrops of massive pyrite and pyrrhotite were historically trenched and sampled as part of a gold exploration program. Other elements were generally not tested. Q Met geologists recognize the potential for Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide mineralization within the geologic terrain underlying the PG Highway claims. As well, pyrrhotite mineralization has been associated with platinum group elements (PGE) to the north of the claims.

Q Met has completed airborne magnetic survey and ground-based deep penetrating electromagnetic survey on the PG Highway project. The surveys define several targets for potential massive sulphide mineralization. A permit to drill these targets was obtained in 2022 with drilling proposed in 2023. 



LORRAIN – PGE, Copper, Nickel, Cobalt, Chromium 


The Lorrain claims were located to cover a magnetic feature that is associated with an ultramafic rock that hosts the Guimond-Church mineral showing. The showing is described as ultramafic rock containing 0.48% Cr and 0.27% Ni. The showing has yet to be tested by modern techniques or diamond drilling.

Historic work on the Lorrain claims included diamond drilling of other targets that are now within the claims. In particular, a drill hole completed in 2001 is summarized as containing substantial quantities of platinum, palladium, copper, nickel and silver. Q Metals attempted to twin this drill hole based upon the locations provided in the historic reporting, but was not successful at obtaining similar sample results. The Lorrain property remains a project of interest for Q Met.



The McKenzie East is located 30 kilometres north of the city of Val-d'Or, Quebec and situated in the prolific Abitibi greenstone-belt. The surrounding region is extremely active for gold exploration companies, with exceptional existing infrastructure and several mills and operating gold mines in the immediate area.


The Property is comprised of 43 cells, totaling 1656 hectares in size and is easily accessible year-round via several logging roads. The bedrock is covered by glacial tills mainly consisting of sand, gravel and clay ranging from 1-20 meter's in depth.


The McKenzie East project comprises two claim groups separated by one kilometre. The larger northern group totals 1,964 hectares over 42 claims, with the south totalling 178 hectares over four claims.


The McKenzie Break project that is currently under exploration by Monarch Gold Corp. is within two kilometres west of the company's McKenzie East Project. In June 2018, Monarch reported a pit-constrained indicated resource of 939,860 tonnes grading 1.59 grams gold, and an underground indicated resource of 281,739 tonnes averaging 5.90 grams gold.

Q Battery Metals Corp. trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the stock symbol (QMET), in the US under the symbol (BTKRF) and on The Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany (ONB).

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