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Black Tusk Resources Inc. has completed the first three drill holes on the McKenzie East gold property located north of Val d'Or, Que. The company has now completed 1,049 metres of drilling over the three completed holes. Thus far, drill hole MKE 21-03 has shown the greatest promise of mineralization, including a section of narrow quartz vein containing a grain of visible gold.

Dr. Mathieu Piche, OGQ, is in charge of core processing on the McKenzie East gold project. His preliminary observations of hole MKE 21-03 indicate an approximately 30-metre section of core that contains geologic characteristics conducive to gold mineralization. This includes the approximately one-millimetre-by-two-millimetre-size gold grain, as well as veining, alterations and associated sulphide minerals. However, the reader is warned the presence of visible gold and other indicators in core does not assure high assay results when processed at the laboratory. Samples from hole MKE 21-03 have been received at ALS Laboratory in Val d'Or. Three samples taken across the zone containing the visible gold will be rush processed for gold analysis.

Drill hole MKE 21-03 was designed to test an approximately 500-metre elongate magnetic feature modelled from the drone-supported survey completed earlier in the year. Black Tusk is currently drilling hole MKE 21-04 to test the magnetic feature a second time, approximately 25 metres to the northwest from hole MKE 21-03, to test for continuity of mineralization and alteration.

Drill core is currently being logged and sampled at the Black Tusk secure facility located near the property. Samples are being taken directly to ALS Laboratory located in Val d'Or. Samples are continuously under custody of the Black Tusk team members until delivered to the lab. Black Tusk undertakes quality assurance/quality control procedures, including insertion of blanks and standards at regular intervals into the sample stream.

"The company is very encouraged by the positive results obtained within the first three holes of the 2021 winter drilling, and recognizes that the extent of gold mineralization is still to be determined from drill core laboratory results," said Richard Penn, chief executive officer.

Black Tusk plans to continue diamond drilling the predetermined targets identified by its geophysical and geochemical surveys. The drill holes are all within an area of approximately one kilometre by 700 metres along the previously untested geologic trend through the property. Drill pad and access construction are continuing as the drilling progresses.

The Black Tusk winter 2021 diamond drilling program is supervised by VD Geo Service, based in Val d'Or, including Black Tusk company director Dr. Piche.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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