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Black Tusk Resources Inc. has contracted Geophysique TMC to complete magnetometer surveying over the McKenzie East project located 30 kilometres north of Val d'Or, Que. The survey will utilize Vision 4K unmanned aerial vehicle technology with a Scintrex Cs-Vl cesium vapour magnetometer to obtain magnetic data over the property. The survey is expected to be undertaken later this month. The majority of the claims will be covered at 50-metre line spacing.

Regional magnetic surveying indicates a correlation between anomalous magnetic response and locations of mineralized showings. The upcoming drone-supported magnetic survey will provide high-resolution data to assist in surface exploration and target definition for eventual diamond drilling.

The property is dominated by intrusive rocks regionally mapped as Archean quartz diorite, granodiorite and tonalite. The northeast portion of the property is underlain by volcanoclastic rocks of andesite to rhyolite composition. The general geologic trend, including regionally mapped faults, is northwest to southeast across the project area.

Nine historic drill holes plot within the McKenzie East project claims (see news release dated Dec. 3, 2019). The data show a range of 0.1 to 2.2 grams per tonne gold in intercepts of 0.3 to 1.8 metres downhole width (true widths unknown).

The most advanced project in the immediate area of the McKenzie East project is the McKenzie Break project of Manarques Gold Corp. At the McKenzie Break, gold mineralization is reported as visually distinctive, one centimetre to two m wide quartz-carbonate veins and vein complexes containing gold. A 2018 technical report prepared for Monarques Gold includes a mineral resource estimate with a pit-constrained indicated resource summarized as 939,860 tonnes at a grade of 1.59 g/t and an underground indicated resource of 281,739 tonnes at a grade of 5.9 g/t, with an inferred resource for underground deposit of 270,103 tonnes at 5.66 g/t. The reader is cautioned that resources that exist on adjacent properties are not necessarily indicative of potential on Black Tusk's McKenzie East project.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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